Robothandschoen laat mensen virtuele voorwerpen voelen

Een Chinese startup heeft handschoenen ontwikkeld die aan de vingers trekken, en zo de illusie geven dat mensen objecten in VR daadwerkelijk vasthebben. Startup Dexta Robotic werkte de afgelopen twee jaar aan zijn Dexmo-handschoenen. Na ruim twintig prototypen kwam het bedrijf uit op het huidige ontwerp, waarbij een robothand in een soort klauw-houding bovenop de [...]

Oculus Walkthrough For Real Estate Is Worth All The Hype And Money

Today, interactive walkthrough for real estate are increasingly important for the buyer’s decision making process, in fact the stats state that 70% of buyers use interactive walkthrough to get a better understanding of their home plans. In this blog post, we will take it further and learn how interactive walkthrough can improve viewer engagement, collect […]


Mindshow turns you into a VR actor in your own production

For all of the talk there is about content being the one thing that’s really missing in VR, it’s pretty difficult for consumers to dive into VR and make anything. Visionary VR is aiming to change that with their new product called Mindshow, which gives run-of-the-mill VR users the ability to dive into the medium and […]


Oculus Project Lets You Feel in VR without Gloves

Oculus researchers say their haptic project makes it possible to feel the direction of a virtual bouncing ball and other imaginary objects. Oculus’s researchers are looking beyond headsets that let you see virtual worlds. In hopes of making virtual reality feel even more immersive, they’re now working on technology that could let you feel virtual […]


A Virtual Reality Tesco Is Opening Shop In Berlin

Though it may first appear like the most mundane virtual reality game ever, Tesco supermarket’s recent dabbling with Oculus Rift in a project called “Tesco Pele,” is a future-forward research opportunity for the British-based chain, and it’s now debuting at the TCC International Marketing Forum in Berlin. In a video (above), the retailer shows customers […]


Virtual reality in de retail-branche

Dat virtual reality niet langer voorbehouden is aan de game-industrie, zullen we je niet hoeven te vertellen. De mogelijkheden lijken immers eindeloos: angststoornissen verhelpen, nieuwe medewerkers inwerken of, tsja, porno kijken. Maar dat virtual reality ook steeds vaker ingezet wordt om de shopervaring van consumenten te verbeteren, wist je misschien nog niet. In dit artikel […]


History of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) has been making headlines for quite a while now. But did you know that the technology dates back to the 1950s? When the world was engrossed in Rock ’n’ Roll and jiving to the tunes of Elvis Presley, this technological innovation was slowly paving its way.   Douglas Engelbart, a young engineer […]